Saturday, October 24, 2009

Post-Anarchism: A Reader [updated!]

Despite many obstacles, the Post-Anarchism Reader project continues (I will address these obstacles both in the book and on this blog in the future). Although I have had a contract on my desk for the last few months, I feel that it is more important to continue to negotiate with Pluto Press at this time [you may note that Pluto published Uri Gordon's Anarchy Alive! (2007), Richard Day's Gramsci is Dead (2005), John Moore and Spencer Sunshine's edited volume I am not a man, I am dynamite! (2004), Hakim Bey's Temporary Autonomous Zone (2004), John Holloway's Change the world without taking power (2005), Daniel Singer's Prelude to Revolution: France in May 1968 (2003), Joanne Richardson's Anarchitexts.] The latest update, from Pluto, is that all three peer reviews came back positive (very positive), I have responded to them and await a full decision in the very near future. For now, I hope that the table of contents is at least somewhat useful/interesting to you folks.

Preface - Duane Rousselle
Introduction - Sureyyya Evren

I - Anarchism After Post-structuralism/Post-Modernism
May, Todd -Is post-structuralist political theory anarchist?
Koch, Andrew - Post-structuralism and the epistemological basis of anarchism
Bey, Hakim - Post-anarchism anarchy
Newman, Saul - Anarchism, Marxism and the bonapartist state
de Rota, Antón Fernendez - Acracy_Reloaded@post1968/1989: Reflections on Postmodern Revolutions

II - Movements
Day, Richard J.F. - From hegemony to affinity
Mueller, Tadzio - Empowering anarchy: Power, hegemony, and anarchist strategy
Adams, Jason - The constellation of oppositions
Truscello, Michael - Imperfect necessity and the mechanical continuation of everyday life: A postanarchist politics of technology

III - Reactions
Cohn, Jesse., & Wilbur, Shawn - What’s wrong with postanarchism
Franks, Benjamin - Postanarchism: A partial account
Jeppesen, Sandra - Things to do with post-structuralism in a life of anarchy: Relocating the outpost of post-anarchism
Saint Schmidt - Postanarchism is not what you think: The role of postanarchist theory after the backlash

IV - Lines of Flight
Heckert, Jamie - Sexuality as state-form
Bertalan, Hilton - Emma Goldman: The postanarchist
Farr, Roger - Anarchist Poetics
Call, Lewis - Buffy the Post-Anarchist Vampire Slayer

V – The Future of Radical Politics
de Acosta, Alejandro - Anarchist Meditations, or: Three Wild Interstices of Anarchism and Philosophy
Nail, Thomas - Constructivism and the future anterior of radical politics
Evren, Sureyyya - Currently Untitled
Newman, Saul - Postanarchism and radical politics today

Notes on Contributors
Selected Bibliography


  1. Hi Duane. I am interested in reading an advanced copy of "Anarchist Poetics" -- is this possible? Or are the works being cloistered until publication?

  2. You can read a copy if you like, just send me your email address (mine is Du ane (dot) Rous selle (at) unb (dot) ca). You might also read the old version of the essay which appeared in Fifth Estate (2006: 34-38), also found here:

  3. Hi there, I'm also interested in reading an advanced copy of one of the chapters. Is there any way I can access 'Emma Goldman: The postanarchist'? Thanks!

  4. As a note, Pluto is not the publisher of "I am not a man, I am dynamite!" (2004), "Temporary Autonomous Zone" (2004), or "Anarchitexts" All of those books are published by Autonomedia, not Pluto.